The Bloody Manifesto

A period power for change

We are calling on policymakers to champion menstruator’s issues by setting up the right policy framework to get affordable, plastic-free, toxic-free & reusable menstrual products in the mainstream, while addressing period inequalities and empowering menstruators everywhere.

210 individuals + organisations have supported the Bloody Manifesto

If you are not yet convinced, find below some bloody good reasons for supporting it


There is a lot more to shame than periods! Periods are 100% natural, 100% powerful, and 100% the agency of the menstruator!


Period education is needed to enable menstruators to make an informed choice about their periods and bodies!


Menstruators, as any other consumers, must have the right to know what is in their menstrual products! And period products manufacturers must disclose the ingredients’ list and phase-out hazardous chemicals in their products!


Social and environmental justice goes hand in hand and everyone deserves access to menstrual products that are considerate both to our wellbeing and that of the planet!

FIGHT PERIOD POVERTY (while smashing the patriarchy!)

Free menstrual products must be available to those in need!

Hear from our policymakers

  • "Period poverty is a huge issue for hundreds of thousands of women all across Europe, and the waste generated by disposable menstrual products - around 590,000 tonnes in Europe each year - is a not insignificant issue for the climate. Reusable products are cheaper, and have a much smaller carbon footprint - meaning they can help address period poverty, as well as helping Europe to meet its climate goals. And that’s why it’s important that we fight for much better access to sustainable, circular menstrual products for everyone who needs them."
    Clare Daly
    MEP, EP
    "There is no reason to exclude menstrual products from an honest rethinking. Conventional pads and panty liners contain up to 90% of plastic, while tampons are usually made of absorbent bleached materials. They can all release hazardous substances into our body or the environment. If we are serious about our zero pollution ambition and our vision for a healthier EU, we need toxic-free, eco-friendly, and accessible menstrual products."
    Piernicola Pedicini
    MEP, EP
  • "All menstruators deserve and need equal access to plastic-free, toxic-free & reusable period products. On International Women's Day, this important message is about helping women and others to make informed choices about products that are better for the environment and kinder on our pockets in the fight to end period poverty."
    Grace O'Sullivan
    MEP, EP
    "We have to break the taboo to talk about period poverty. No one chooses to menstruate. We need to make sure everyone can afford menstrual products and that everyone can choose for a healthy, sustainable and a -more or less- comfortable period."
    Kim van Sparrentak
    MEP, EP
  • "Conventional single-use menstrual pads are dangerous for women's health and the environment, because of their chemical composition. Europe has to be a pioneer for a policy change, raise awareness on the impacts of single-use menstrual products and take care of women's health with plastic-free and reusable items."
    Marie Arena
    MEP, EP
    "It is important to protect women's health and dramatically reduce the production of waste from menstrual products. Safe and reusable alternatives are available, there is no reason not to switch to these alternatives and save money. I believe women should be better informed on the amount of chemicals they come into contact with by using single-use menstrual pads every month and how to switch to toxic free products."
    Eleonora Evi
    MEP, EP
  • "Menstrual products are essential to everyday life for women and girls across the entire world. Access is not optional but absolutely crucial. As such, as we mark International Women's Day we must ensure that all women and girls have access to these essential products, and must work with industry and business to ensure that they are environmentally friendly."
    Frances Fitzgerald
    MEP, EP
    "We need a circular economy that paves the way for economic growth without the constant exploitation of natural resources. That's why I join Zero Waste Europe in their fight for better, safer, more circular menstrual products."
    Jytte Guteland
    MEP, EP
Zero Waste Europe 2021
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