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Half of the world’s population needs menstrual products in order to have a decent life. Therefore, access to these products is absolutely crucial. We believe that all menstruators deserve and need equal access to products that are good to their bodies and to the planet.

We are asking European, national and local leaders to act by setting the necessary policy framework to support and empower menstruators to access safe, fair & circular menstrual products through our Bloody Manifesto (support it here) by adopting the following measures:

Period education programs

Period education should be ensured in schools for menstruators, so they can make an informed choices about their period and body, including understanding all options of menstrual products available (i.e: single-use, toxic-free, reusables, etc.), how to use and dispose of them properly as well as their associated impacts & benefits;

Toxic-free periods

Legally binding requirements at European and/or national level should oblige manufacturers to disclose the ingredient’s list of their products and eliminate the use of toxic chemicals in their products;

Reusable & plastic-free periods

Toxic-free, plastic-free and reusable menstrual products - preferably that are not taxed - should be widespreadly available - in particular in large retailers, outlets and pharmacies - across Europe (at least in the same proportion as single-use ones), accompanied with awareness raising measures on the benefits of reusables compared to single-use menstrual products;

Tax-free periods

Taxes on reusable menstrual products should be eliminated and economic incentives for reusable items to overcome barriers to entry, such as discounts or subsidies for reusables, should be introduced;

Free menstrual products

Free menstrual products should be available and accessible to those in need.

Hear from our partners

  • "Everyone who menstruates should have the knowledge and choice to use whatever menstrual products they want to use for their body. Instead we have this growing inequality where people are still not able to access to safe, environmentally-friendly and circular menstrual products and this urgently needs to change."
    Sarah Moyes
    Plastic and Circular Economy Campaigner, Friends of the Earth Scotland
    "We need support from our governments in order to make reusable menstrual products available to all menstruators, regardless of socio-economic background. The fight for accessible reusable menstrual products is the fight against menstrual poverty."
    Ana Marija Mileusnić
    Waste Programme Assistant, Zelena akcija / FoE Croatia
    "The taboo imposed on menstruation by our patriarchal society means people who menstruate are exposed to dangerous chemicals with little alternatives - while sanitary waste piles up, polluting ecosystems. It’s time to collectively break this taboo to build an equitable and inclusive zero waste society. We're reclaiming our right to do so safely for our body and the environment ."
    Delphine Lévi Alvarès
    European coordinator, Break Free From Plastic
  • "Toxic-free, reusable (menstrual) products should be the norm and not a privilege. Time to show the world that menstruation is a superpower which makes us women stronger!"
    Csilla Urbán
    President, Humusz Szövetség
    "We have to raise awareness about reusable and safe menstrual products. Menstrual pads are not the first that comes to mind when we talk about single use plastics. However, these products also generate huge amounts of plastic-waste in Europe."
    Krisztina Csobay
    President, Zöldövezet Egyesület
    "Imagine having to miss school or work because you either do not have access or cannot afford something as basic as menstrual products? This is just one example of how women can be left behind by the society they are living in. We should not be afraid to talk about this nor be made to feel ashamed for what our bodies do. It’s time to end the taboo around something as natural and common as period and give everyone access to the products that are healthy for the person as well as for the environment."
    Heli Pärna
    Grants and Operations Officer, ZWE

Join us in putting a period on menstrual inequalities in Europe!

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